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collective nouns

The Animal and Plant Kingdoms
Anything in the air 
A cloud of bats
A hive of bees
A grist of bees
A hum of bees
A swarm of bees
An rest of bees
A dissimulation of birds
A volley of birds
A raft of canvass-back ducks
A tok of capercailzies
A peep of chickens
A clutch of chicks
A chattering of choughs
A flight of cormorants
A sedge of cranes
A murder of crows
A dole of doves
A duel of doves
A flight of doves
A piteousness of doves
A paddling of ducks
A raft of ducks
A team of ducks
A convocation of eagles
A cast of falcons
A charm of finches
A stand of flamingo
A business of flies
A gaggle of geese
A skein of geese
A wedge of geese
A cloud of gnats
A horde of gnats
A vein of goldfinch
A flight of goshawks
A shoal[e] of goslings
A brace of grouse
A covey of grouse
A drumming of grouse
A colony of gulls
A cast of hawks
A kettle of hawks
A brood of hens
A siege of herons
A hover of hummingbirds
A band of jays
A party of jays
A deceit of lapwings
An exaltation of larks
A plague of locusts
A tiding of magpies
A sord of mallards
A watch of nightingales
A parliament of owls
A wisdom of owls
A company of parrots
A prattle of parrots
A covey of partridges
A muster of peacocks
An ostentation of peacocks
A colony of penguins
A formality of penguins
A parade of penguins
A bouquet of pheasants
A covey of pheasants
A nye of pheasants
A dropping of pigeons
A congregation of plovers
A run of poultry
A bevy of quail
A covey of quail
A conspiracy of ravens
A constable of ravens
An unkindness of ravens
A host of sparrows
A ubiquity of sparrows
A clutter of starlings
A murmur of starlings
A muster of storks
A mustering of storks
A flight of swallows
A ballet of swans
A bevy of swans
A regatta of swans
A wedge of swans
A durante of toucans
A death-row of turkeys
A rafter of turkeys
A pitying of turtledoves
A wake of vultures
A nest of wasps
A pail of wasps
A plump of waterfowl
A plump of wildfowl
A fall of woodchucks
A fall of woodcocks
A descent of woodpeckers
A gatling of woodpeckers
A herd of wrens

On the Ground 

An aarmory of aardvarks
A colony of ants
A shrewdness of apes
A pace of asses
A congress of baboons
A rumpus of baboons
A flitch of bacon
A cete of badgers
A waddle of Basset Hounds
A maul of bears
A sloth of bears
A nobility of beasts
A colony of beavers
A singular of boars
An army of caterpillars
A clowder of cats
A clutter of cats
A rain of Cats and Dogs
A drove of cattle
A swarm of cockroaches
A posse of cock-turkeys
A rag of colts
A cover of coots
A flink of cows
An orchestra of crickets
A trample of elephants
A herd of elephants
A parade of elephants
A gang of elk
A business of ferrets
A fesnyng of ferrets
A leash of foxes
A skulk of foxes
A clipping of geldings
A stretch of giraffes
A journey of giraffes
A totter of giraffes
A tribe of goats
A trip of goats
A band of gorillas
A cloud of grasshoppers
A cluster of grasshoppers
A gallop of Greyhounds
A down of hares
A husk of hares
A leap of hares
A leash of hares
A prickle of hedgehogs
A bloat of hippopotami
A raft of hippopotami
A huddle of hippos
A drift of hogs
A harras of horses
A herd of horses
A pair of horses
A ramuda of horses
A team of horses
A cry of hounds
A mute of hounds
A pack of hounds
A cackle of hyenas
A troop of kangaroo
A mob of kangaroos
A kindle of kittens
A leap of leopards
A pride of lions
A stud of mares
A nest of mice
A labour of moles
A menage of mongrels
A machination of monkeys
A tribe of monkeys
A troop of monkeys
A barren of mules
A buffoonery of orangutans
A team of oxen
A yoke of oxen
A herd of pigs
A litter of pigs
An aurora of polar bears
A string of ponies
A salon of Poodles
A prickle of porcupines
A grumble of Pugs
A piddle of puppies
A colony of rabbits
A nest of rabbits
A mask of raccoons
A field of racehorses
A meet of racehorses
A rabble of rats
A crash of rhinoceroses
A bevy of roebucks
A pod of seals
A spring of seals
A flock of sheep
A stench of skunks
A cornucopia of slugs
A bed of snakes
A slither of snakes
A dray of squirrels
A drift of swine
A sounder of swine
A terror of terriers
A hide of tigers
A streak of tigers
A knot of toads
A nest of vipers
A sneak of weasels
A gam of weasels
A pack of wolves
A route of wolves
A wriggle of worms
A stripe of zebras

The Mystical Creatures 
A doom of dragons
A pride of griffins
A swarm of harpies
A bestiary of mythological creature
A blessing of unicorns

The Plants 
A pie-full of apples
A hand of bananas
A hill of beans
A flourish of blossoms
A shock of corn
A bouquet of flowers
A patch of flowers
A bunch of grapes
An autumn of leaves
A sproutness of mushrooms
A grove of trees
A stand of trees
A stash of weed
A sheaf of wheat
A bend of willows

Things that live in the Water 
A shoal of bass
A bed of clams
A float of crocodiles
A knot of eels
A draught of fish
A school of fish
A knot of frogs
An army of frogs
A smack of jellyfish
A smuth of jellyfish
A studk of jellyfish
A fluther of jellyfish
A bed of oysters
A cloud of plankton
A lump of toads
A creep of tortoises
A hover of trout
A bale of turtles
A gam of whales
A pod of whales
A school of whales

The Human Factor 
Your Career 
A balance of accountants
An audit of accountants
A cast of actors
A bridge of admirals
A team of athletes
A clutch of Auto Mechanics
A circle of Babbitts
An anvil of blacksmiths
An audit of bookkeepers
A bond of British secret agents
A ream of bureaucrats
A drove of cabbies
A corps of cadets
A billing of consultants
A prevarication of consultants
A hatchet of corporate downsizing proposals
A galaxy of cosmologists
An intrigue of council members
A gambol of dancers
A subtlety of designers
A tyranny of dictators
A dose of doctors
A deficit of economists
A grid of electrical engineers
A wiggle of Elvis impersonators
A staff of employees
A design of engineers
A geek of engineers
A cavvy of extra cowboy mounts
A remuda of extra cowboy mounts
An encroachment of fence-builders
A poke of fencers
A circus of fighter
A knuckle of gangsters
A glitter of generals
A formation of geologists
A plane of Geometrists
A magnum of hit men
A scale of ichthyologists
A tongue lashing of interpreters
A disputation of lawyers
A greed of lawyers
A huddle of lawyers
A quarrel of lawyers
A stack of librarians
An asylum of managers
An indecision of managers
A muscle of marines
A number of mathematicians
A set of mathematicians
An addition of mathematicians
A set of mathematicians (pure)
An amalgamation of metallurgists
A shower of Meteorologists (applied)
A cloud of Meteorologists (theoretical)
A colony of microbiologists
A crew of military Barbers
An orchestra of musicians
A mess of officers
A vision of optometrists
A brace of orthodontists
A rush of overnight couriers
A handful of palm readers
A storm of paratroops
A body of pathologists
A troop of performers
A mixture of pharmacists
A ponder of philosophers
A snap of photographers
A yoke of pilots
A cry of players
A cry of players/actors
A flood of plumbers
A rhyme of poets
An obscurity of poets
A lie of politicians
A stock of portfolio managers
A butt-load of proctologists
A pomposity of professors
An archive of programmers
A squint of proofreaders
A stable of prostitutes
A whored of prostitutes
An anthology of prostitutes
A complex of psychologists
A deck of sailors
A knot of Scottish Bankers
A quake of seismologists
A compromise of senators
A Sodom of shepherds
A harmony of singers
A boast of soldiers
A brigade of soldiers
A company of soldiers
A division of soldiers
A muster of soldiers
A platoon of soldiers
A squad of soldiers
A sweetness of sopranos
A treachery of spies
A cupful of starlets
A galaxy of starlets
A galaxy of stars
An incision of surgeons
A field of theoretical physicists
An absence of waiters
An order of waiters
An incantation of warlocks
A bong-sucking of white house staffers
A flush of wing commanders
A coven of witches
An incantation of witches
A clutch of wrestlers

Smiles, Murmurs and Others 
A murmur of alliterations
A release of anglers
A conflagration of arsonists
A bevy of beauties
A harmony of beauties
A blur of bicyclists
A heard of blind people
A passel of brats
A bevy of business angels
A slate of candidates
A bury of conies
A quake of cowards
A run of cowards
A cowardice of curs
A cutting of cynics
A swarm of dirty ragged plebeians
A desperation of divorcees
A bunch of drongoes
A shortage of dwarves
A pump house of egos
A college of electors
A blush of embarrassments
A wash of emotions
A government of Episcopalians
A clump of freshman
A fright of ghosts
A giggle of girls
A tedium of golfers
A plunder of goons
A slither of gossip columnists
A nag of grandparents
A wisdom of grandparents
A cruft of hackers
A debauchery of Hedonists
A hamper of helpers
An observance of hermits
An ensemble of homosexuals
A gang of hoodlums
A cavalcade of horsemen
A Kevorkian of I.U. Med Students
An imposition of in-laws
A pretension of intellects
A bunch of janes
An assemblage of jigsaw puzzlers
A clutch of kleptomaniacs
A clutch of leering women
A tough of lesbians
A pink of liberals
A fascination of listeners
A swarm of literary drones
A mess of little boys
A multiplication of loafers
A smashing of luddites
An array of luminaries
A Sousa of marching bands
A richness of martens
A density of meatheads
A band of men
A pathos of mourners
A mug of narcissists
A reflection of narcissists
A jungle of Nazis
A squeal of nieces
A spread of nymphomaniacs
A Rand of Objectivists
A crowd of onlookers
A fascination of on-lookers

An abandonment of orphans
An embarrassment of parents
A congregation of people
A huff of people who write letters to the editor
A gaggle of pill poppers
A posse of posers
A dilation of pupils
A blaze of pyromaniacs
A conflagration of pyromaniacs
A flight of refugees
A gossip of relatives
A knot of renters
A melee of rioters
A crush of shoppers
A billow of smokers
A pride of stage mothers
A class of students
A flunk of students
A swarm of suitors
A wave of surfers
A whale of surfers
A fidget of suspects
A gush of sycophants
A swarm of sycophants
A bevy of tanked sorority girls
A quiz of teachers
A sulk of teenagers
An attitude of teenagers
A clutch of testicles
A pander of toadies
A flock of tourists
A camp of transvestites
A tangle of tricksters
A sprig of vegetarians
A constituency of voters
A desperation of voters
An amble of walkers
A palm of wankers
A wailing of Weight watchers
An ambush of widows

Where are you from? 
A flag of Americans
A divergence of Canadians
A tribe of natives
A freeze of Northerners
A whinge of Poms
A mob of Texans

Religion and stuff 
A fidget of altar boys
A chorus of angels
A host of angels
A pinhead of angels
An immersion of Baptists
A sea of bishops
A radiance of cardinals
A mass of Catholics
An evensong of choirboys
A pantheon of gods
A visit of Jehovah’s witnesses
A minyan of Jews
An abominable sight of monks
A book of Mormons
A flap of nuns
A murmur of nuns
A prey of nuns
A superfluity of nuns
A kneeling of parishioners
A glossolalia of Pentecostals
A membership of Presbyterians
A lechery of priests
A mass of priests
A superfluity of priests
A meeting of Quakers
A calendar of saints
A squash of sermons
A congregation of worshipers

Everything Else  
Urgghh Computers 
A cluster of alpha computers
A network of computers
A donut of data
A wealth of information
A click of Mice (computer)
An annoyance of mobile phones
A whistle of modems
A bank of monitors
A crash of software
A bottle of source code
A charlotte of webpages
Food for Thought 
A mint of candies
An accompaniment of condiments
A round of drinks
A clutch of eggs
A salt substrate of potato chips
A salt substrate of pretzels
A salt substrate of Saltines
A jam of tarts

The Military 
A wing of aircraft (fighters)
A rumble of artillery
A hailstorm of gunships
A nest of machine guns
An atlas of maps
A broadside of Shells (Artillery)
A salvo of Shells (Artillery)
A fleet of ships
A flotilla of ships
An armada of ships
A wolf-pack of submarines
A clank of tanks
A clatter of tanks

A quaver of arias
A grind of chores
A kettle of drums
A tumult of tubas

The Sciences    
A belt of asteroids
A culture of bacteria
A bank of circuits
A slice of circumcisions
A soufflé of clouds
A constellation of satellites
A constellation of stars
A wonder of stars
A minuscule of sub-atomic particles
A battery of tests
An equanimity of tranquilizers

Whatever else is left  
A strangle of bad Laws
A peal of bells
A swelter of blankets
A nest of bowls
A maze of canyons
An ergo of Cartesians
A peep-show of CDs
A fold of chairs
A round of circumnavigations
A tock of clocks
An unease of compromises
A pension of condominiums
A luck of dice
A meaning of dictionaries
A vane of directions
A fistful of dollars
A falling of dominoes
A trip of dotterel
A bevy of dowagers
A pile of dung
A hassle of errands
A bout of estimations
A gross of farts
A patter of footsteps
A glacier of freezers
A heap of front-end loaders
A rack of gears
A Jackson of gloves
A flight of golf balls
A mess of grits
A tuz of hair
A grip of hand tools
An undulation of hills
A slew of homework
A vigor of hybrids
A crush of icebergs
A drift of icebergs
A vagary of impediments
A chain of islands
A ring of keys
A medusa of knots
A moan of lamentations
A pencil of lines
A hiss of lisps
A confusion of meanderings
An ecstasy of Morgans
A dawn of morning glories
A range of mountains
A collective of nouns
A propriety of nouns
A glut of parrs
A bill of particulars
A rope of pearls
A glut of pleasure
A guilt of pleasures
A rush of pochard
A mess of pottage
A pontificality of prelates
A covey of ptarmigans
A splash of puddles
A groan of puns
An embarrassment of riches
A building of rooks
A parliament of rooks
A shoal of shad
A knot of shoelaces
A scandal of shoes
A pull of silk-screens
A superfluity of similes
A walk of snipe
A wisp of snipe
A beautification of spatulas
A clench of sphincters
A flight of stairs
A pack of suitcases
A boo of surprises
A candle of tapirs
An agenda of tasks
A spring of teal
A hug of teddy bears
A convention of tongues
A Jagger of tongues
An assembly of toys
A confusion of Traffic Cones
A heap of trash
A shitload of troubles
A pithy of truths
A steam of turds
A phalanx of umbrellas
A cutch of vellum
A flock of white Christmas trees
A raft of widgeon
A tilt of windmills
A babel of words
A burden of yolks
A carrousel of Luggage
A whinge of Suppliers

I have always enjoyed collective nouns.. And have been collecting them for a while, if you see any missing let me know and i will add them to the list!!!!!!

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